ZURICH Kostenübernahmeerklärung für Hotelübernachtungen bei Pauschalreisen von Thomas Cook


Nach der Insolvenzanmeldung von Thomas Cook Deutschland übernimmt der Insolvenzversicherer Zurich die Kosten für zwischen Thomas Cook Deutschland und Leistungserbringern wie z.B. Hotels und Fluggesellschaften vereinbarten Leistungen für die Reisenden, die ihre Pauschalreise mit Thomas Cook Deutschland (mit den Marken Neckermann Reisen, Öger Tours, Bucher Reisen, Thomas Cook Signature und Air Marin) gebucht haben und aktuell in den Urlaubsgebieten unterwegs sind. Das bedeutet, dass Hotels in den Urlaubsgebieten keinen Grund haben, Urlauber aus Angst vor Zahlungsschwierigkeiten des Reiseveranstalters zur Kasse zu bitten. Sie finden hier das Schreiben der Zurich Versicherung, das Sie dem Hotelier zeigen können.


Zurich has taken over responsibility for TC Germany consumers in this capacity since TC Germany ceased trading as of 23 Sept. 2019.

Zurich understands that TC Germany and service providers e.g. hotels concluded contracts to provide accommodation services to its consumers .Zurich is therefore seeking  co-operation of TC Germany´s service providers e.g. hotels to enable consumers of TC Germany continuing their trip without being asked to pay again for services provided by TC Germany´s supplier.

Zurich herewith declares the following:

Zurich agrees to cover for contractually agreed costs between TC Germany and its service providers (exclusive of flight services) for TC Germany’s travelers who have arrived for their travel prior to 23 September 2019 and are still abroad. This cost coverage declaration only relates to travel costs at rates and scope of services as originally contractually agreed between the service provider and TC Germany.

This cost coverage declaration is subject to the following conditions:

  1. This cost coverage declaration is only valid in respect of travel services for compiled travel and package travel tours that have exclusively been booked via TC Germany (only holiday packages)
  2. This confirmation of cost coverage applies only to services as defined in No. 1 above (excluding flight services)
  3. This cost coverage declaration is being issued without acceptance of any legal obligation. Zurich explicit-ly reserves all rights it has or may have against TC Germany, e.g. recourse claims.
  4. The acceptance of any payment from this present Treatment Guarantee by the service provider shall be considered as an assignment of the underlying claims from TC Germany to Zurich.

Zurich will not pay the following:

  • Claims that have arisen before effectiveness of this letter
  • Claims in relation to consumers which are already departed;
  • Any rooms allocated to TC Germany but not occupied;
  • Any consumers who had bought accommodation only, no flights;
  • Any items not included in the contracted price;
  • Claims in relation to TC Germany Consumers which already have been paid;
  • Consumers of TC Germany who arrive after the date of failure.

Confirmation to service providers:

Payment will be made by bank transfer only. Please do not follow Group Hotel Settlement payment standards by sending invoices, since instead self-billing will be put into place with immediate effect.  TC Germany will calculate payments according to contractual agreements.

Zurich will pay you as soon as possible. This should normally be within 10 days from receiving the Declaration Letter.. In exceptional cases  Zurich will consider making advance payments to facilitate the continuation of the ground arrangements for TC Germany passengers.

Ref. TURKEY Hotels:
To enable  Zurich to transfer payments to your account, please provide your full bank details to the email ad-dress ghs.payments@thomascook.de: this should include the bank’s name and address, sort code (or local equivalent), and the account holder’s name and full account number.

I hope the content of this letter is clear. If you need any assistance, please contact me or any of my colleagues on the number shown or via our service partner Kaera: +49 (6172) 9976 11 23

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