Strong commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility

Tourism very much depends on an intact environment. Along with the people in the respective countries, we are committed to the protection of the environment and nature conservation in tourist destinations so as to ensure that it will continue to be possible to discover foreign countries and become acquainted with new cultures in the future.

As early as 1987, exemplary environmental protection projects were awarded with the DRV’s annual EcoTrophea. Participants from all over the world compete for this international environmental award. With our innovative projects, we point to how both operators and travellers can contribute towards sustainable development. These initiatives focus, for example, on the sparing use of raw materials and energy or reducing and avoiding CO2 emissions.

A problem which affects all of us is sexual exploitation of children in tourist destinations. Due to their anonymous acts in an alleged legal vacuum of a foreign country, the offenders consider themselves to be beyond existing moral standards. However, they too use tourist infrastructures by booking fl ights. This is reason enough for the tourism industry to take on responsibility by fi ghting sexual exploitation of minors. We raise awareness both among employees in the tourism sector at home and abroad as well as travellers in order to protect children against abuse. Only together we are strong.

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