DIE REISEWIRTSCHAFT - Alle Ziele. Eine Stimme.
DIE REISEWIRTSCHAFT - Alle Ziele. Eine Stimme.
Type of card Price
Tour operators and travel agencies 20,00 € per person
Touristic service providers 25,00 € per person
Non-DRV-members 59,00 € per person
Students (valid for one year) 12,50 € per person.
Replacement card for at least 12 months 12,50 € per person

Your entrance card to the world of travel

As an employee of a travel agency, tour operator or touristic service provider you will benefit from a number of  Travel Industry Card advantages, such as reduced rates for car rentals, hotels, adventure parks, trainings and more.

We offer constantly updated and completed special deals.

Please contact us for more information.

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