Strong commitment in politics, business, and the public

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The tourism sector generates about eight percent of the German gross domestic product. It is a major driver of growth and an important job provider of the German economy. To ensure further economic growth, companies require ade- quate economic and legal conditions. As leading representatives of trade interests, we make our voice heard in politics and the public and engage in promoting fair competition.

By formulating the justifi ed interests of our Members, we help them safeguard their commercial basis. Through lobbying and direct contact with political decision-makers we make sure that our views and arguments fl ow into the legislative process.

Through our media work we inform the public about the advantages of organized travel and the benefi ts of travel agency guidance and booking.

Strong support in times of crisis

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Whether strikes, natural catastrophes or political unrest – crises abroad also affect German holidaymakers. It is part of our mission to coordinate an industry-wide crisis and security management for tourism operators. Our Association is therefore in close contact with tour operators, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs – which assesses the security situation for Germans abroad – and other government authorities. Together we analyze the situation and, if necessary, coordinate measures to protect travellers by providing quick and efficient action. In addition, we keep the media and the public informed about possible effects of such incidents.

Strong investment in the future

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Only well-trained specialists can secure the basis of our business in the long term. Therefore we engage in promoting training in the tourism industry. With our vocational training initiative “Zukunft buchen”, we campaign for more training opportunities and explain why it is worthwhile investing in young people. Operators prepared to take on trainees get all the details about the three-year tourism manager training on our website Opens external link in new

We also provide guidance and support to youths interested in training in the tourism industry. On the DRV platform Opens external link in new they can learn more about the attractive training in the tourism sector and its numerous job opportunities.

The DRV database at Opens external link in new provides an overview of all training opportunities and facilities in the German tourism industry. In addition, our Association offers an extensive range of seminars providing specialist know-how for tourism professionals. 

Strong promotion of economic efficiency

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Work flows and booking processes in the travel industry are a decisive cost and profitability factor, especially for medium-sized enterprises. We set standards for our industry in order to optimize and harmonize business processes, and promote standardization to simplify travel procedures.

Moreover, we make available key industry indicators such as sales and revenues fi gures to our members to support them in managing their companies.

Trends are identified and assessed by analyzing current market developments. On this basis we draw up industry statistics and publish relevant data on the economic factor tourism.

Strong commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility

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Tourism very much depends on an intact environment. Along with the people in the respective countries, we are committed to the protection of the environment and nature conservation in tourist destinations so as to ensure that it will continue to be possible to discover foreign countries and become acquainted with new cultures in the future.

As early as 1987, exemplary environmental protection projects were awarded with the DRV’s annual EcoTrophea. Participants from all over the world compete for this international environmental award. With our innovative projects, we point to how both operators and travellers can contribute towards sustainable development. These initiatives focus, for example, on the sparing use of raw materials and energy or reducing and avoiding CO2 emissions.

A problem which affects all of us is sexual exploitation of children in tourist destinations. Due to their anonymous acts in an alleged legal vacuum of a foreign country, the offenders consider themselves to be beyond existing moral standards. However, they too use tourist infrastructures by booking fl ights. This is reason enough for the tourism industry to take on responsibility by fi ghting sexual exploitation of minors. We raise awareness both among employees in the tourism sector at home and abroad as well as travellers in order to protect children against abuse. Only together we are strong.

Strong for our members

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DRV Members benefi t from competent expert advice. The Association has, for instance, its own legal department, providing legal counselling to Members’ businesses. We keep an eye on legal developments and changes and their possible effects on the tourism business. On behalf of our Members we assess the prospects of success of lawsuits and fi le trial actions to clarify sector-relevant legal issues. In addition, our lawyers draw up legal opinions on key sector issues and advise Members in particular in matters of travel, labour and competition law.

We also offer our Members expertise in areas such as

  • Vocational training
  • Business administration
  • Fraud prevention
  • Data protection
  • European politics
  • Information technology
  • Crisis and security management
  • Sustainability
  • Issues related to tour guides
  • Statistics & market research
  • Tax law

DRV Members benefi t from attractive special rates

  • when purchasing the Travel Industry Card, which they can obtain at an exclusive price. With this card, Members enjoy discounted rates in a number of facilities such as car rentals, hotels, recreation parks, airports, tour operators as well as training institutions,
  • when attending DRV training seminars on specialised subjects of the tourism sector, as well as
  • when attending the DRV Annual Convention, the key industry meeting offering exchange of experience, interesting expert presentations and hands-on workshops.

Strong network for exchange and knowledge transfer


We offer an extensive network for exchange of information and experience. Because we represent all kinds of enterprises – the ownermanaged company as well as the listed international group. Making it easy for Members to establish relationships and keep in touch – for example at the DRV Annual Convention, the key industry meeting.

More than 440 experts from Member businesses share their knowledge working voluntarily on our committees. This is not only of benefi t to our trade, but above all to our Members, as they get important first-hand industry information and have exclusive access to the results of the Association’s work in the password protected section of the DRV website.

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