DIE REISEWIRTSCHAFT - Alle Ziele. Eine Stimme.
DIE REISEWIRTSCHAFT - Alle Ziele. Eine Stimme.

DRV is run by the Presidential Council and the Board of Directors. The Presidential Council consists of DRV President Norbert Fiebig, CFO Axel Duhr and the Vice Presidents of Sections A to E (seven people). In addition to these Presidential Council members, the 16-strong Board of Directors has further Board members from each of Sections A, B, C and D.

Deutscher ReiseVerband (DRV) mirrors the structure of the travel industry and the tour operator market in Germany. Within this trade association the individual interest groups are spread over five sections and the group of supporting members.

  • Small and mid-sized travel agents, including business travel agents and online agents (Section A and B)
  • Small and mid-sized tour operators (Section C)
  • Group-based tour operators (Section D)
  • Associated members (Section E), travel companies but neither travel agents nor tour operators
  • Supporting members
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